Top tips for selling.

  1. Choose the right estate agent


  1. De clutter …


  1. Make sure it smells nice


  1. Stay out of the way so people can wander and feel comfortable


  1. Make any outdoor space appealing with flowers and seating if possible


  1. Create a lifestyle look that people want – nice soaps in the bathroom, fluffy towels, flowers


  1. Create light where possible and make it all as neutral as possible


  1. Clean the windows – it can make a surprising difference


  1. Imagine luxury hotel rooms, it helps to create the feel


  1. If it is winter make sure the house is nice and warm!





If you ever visit a show apartment on a development you will see why the developers sell so well.   They create an image of tasteful style and a home you feel you want to relax in and enjoy.  This is the art of selling and making potential purchasers desire to move in to your home.


In addition lots of buyers ‘drive-by’ property first to check it’s worth their while booking a proper viewing appointment.  Don’t lose the chance of them even getting past the front door, make sure the outside is appealing and clean.


Sometimes the smallest changes make the difference.